Why natural cosmetics?

One of the most significant beauty trends over recent years has been organic, all-natural cosmetics. You might think that traditional cosmetics have served us well - so what is all the fuss about?

To us at Nure Cosmetics, it comes as no surprise that natural, organic cosmetics are gaining ground when it comes to consumers seeking their dream skin. A close comparison of the ingredients contained within both types of beauty products reveals why - and shows the reason why, we at Nure Cosmetics, have stuck to all natural ingredients to help you embrace your natural beauty.

Natural Cosmetics

Use of organic ingredients nourishes your skin

The choice and combination of ingredients is what makes a cosmetic product. The ingredients should work with the body to nourish, rejuvenate and protect the skin. Thankfully, we already have a multitude of such ingredients at our disposal, such as essential oils, herbs, minerals and vitamins. All of these are naturally occurring and have been used for centuries to support healthy skin, reflecting the powerful tools nature gives us for maintaining our dream skin. After all, why would our skin have evolved the way it has if there were no natural ways to nourish and revitalise it?

Kind to sensitive skin

Artificial ingredients are a nightmare for people with sensitive skin. Product descriptions rarely help us understand the synthetic compounds and their purpose and thus making understanding whether a product will harm our skin almost impossible. Moreover, these synthetic compounds used to create a long-lasting, strong smelling cosmetic product are often very harsh on the skin - leaving it dry, heavy and undernourished. By contrast, natural cosmetics do not contain these harsh chemicals - giving us much greater confidence that the products will not cause irritation. By sticking to tested-and-tried ingredients passed down through generations, natural cosmetics only use ingredients whose purpose is to support healthy skin, not harm it. In addition, due to a clear and simple list of ingredients, natural cosmetics helps people with sensitive skin to quickly isolate a particular ingredient setting off their sensitivities and avoiding it in the future. For people with sensitive skin who are looking to embrace their natural beauty, natural cosmetics is a must.

Animal testing


Every new ingredient needs to be extensively tested before it can be used in a cosmetic product and sold. You may be thinking - extensive testing means that you can have confidence to use standard cosmetics and the synthetic ingredients. After all, the product would not be available if it harmed most people's skin. And the point is fair - no company wished to harm its consumers after all.Yet, to get to that position, companies often turn to animal testing to understand the effect of different chemicals and determine which ingredients should make it to market.One new ingredient in any cosmetic product used in these tests could lead to the deaths of at least 1,400 animals.

It is difficult to argue that applying untested chemical to caged animals in laboratories is ever ethical. This is made even more difficult by the fact that there already is a huge array of natural ingredients at our disposal to help us embrace our natural beauty.It is important to note many companies do not test their product on animals directly, but they do often use synthetic ingredients which had undergone animal testing.

So why do these companies not use natural ingredients only?

Ingredients used in natural cosmetics are often more expensive than synthetic ones as they need to be extracted rather than synthesised.

The best way to avoid any connection to animal testing is to only use skincare products with natural ingredients only. With Nure Cosmetics, you can be 100% sure that neither us nor our suppliers tested any of our products or ingredients on animals.

Embracing your natural beauty with Nure Cosmetics

Embracing your natural beauty

At Nure Cosmetics, our ultimate goal is to help customers embrace their natural beauty. We only use ethically-sourced natural ingredient and we never test on animals

So when it comes to choosing your skincare products, sticking to au naturel really does pay off.